2-Factor Authentication for Jupyter-JSC Detailed Information Login required


2-Factor Authentication (2FA) better protects both your user credentials and the resources that you can access. Jupyter-JSC uses the time-based One-Time Password (OTP) generated by an OTP-App as a 2nd factor.

  • Install an OTP-App

    On one of your personal devices (eg. your smartphone) install an OTP-App:

  • Initialize this OTP-App

    The required secret initialization code will be provided to you in the next step of this 2FA-activation process as a QR-Code (or string). Then please scan the QR-code with your newly installed OTP-App (or type-in the string) for initialization.

New two-step login

After you installed & initialized your OTP-App it will provide you (in our case every 30 seconds) with an unique One-Time Password whenever you want to login to Jupyter-JSC.

The 2FA-Login will be almost as simple as before

  • Enter your JSC-account password

    Each time you log in, you will enter your JSC-account password as usual.

  • Enter the current One-Time Password

    You will then be asked for an One-Time Password that you read from your installed and initialized OTP-App.